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• PERSONALITY: Youthful, infant, active, restless, attractive and friendly, they love fun, parties and general merriment.
• PRESENTATION:  It comes in four variants apple, orange, pineapple and strawberry.  The four variants are in 200ml and 450ml HDPE bottle with sleeve label & fruits background. The pet caps. The mouth of the HDPE is tamper proof with aluminium foil

Bobo milk drink is made from high quality full cream powder milk fortified with essential minerals, which give it a distinct pleasant taste, flavor and nutritional value. Bobo milk drink has a very pleasant taste and flavour. It contain’s Vitamin C which helps the body. Bobo milk drink comes in a customized HDPE bottle, which confers on it an international status the target consumers crave for. The consumers feels they are fortifying their bodies when they consume Bobo.